Joe Ganley


The following are various hobby projects I've done.

  • Programming
    • My GitHub - some of the projects below are available there too.
    • Simulated annealing library - Monte Carlo optimization engine (in C++).
    • Lisp in JavaScript - Just that: A Lisp interpreter written in JavaScript.
    • Bip - C++ code for an esoteric algorithmic problem: Enumerating all permutations of a set by swapping adjacent elements of the set.
    • Clocks - a variety of clock programs I've written.
    • Cujoku - Simple JavaScript sudoku program. One of these days I might add the ability to change the puzzle, e.g. by encoding it as a URL argument.
    • Dots and Boxes - Simple JavaScript dots and boxes program.
    • Sparklines - A very rough implementation of in-cell sparklines in OpenOffice Calc.
    • C++ precedence - A printable reference card for operator precedence in C++.
  • Math
    • Chips - Analysis of strategies for the game of Chips.
  • Cartography
  • Ancient relics
    • Mid-90's Java - A few applets I wrote when Java was first released (located on a different site).
    • Pascal Junior - From grad school, an interpreter for a subset of Pascal, written in T, a dialect of Lisp. See also this blog post.
  • Life list
  • Home improvement
  • Woodworking